Gabz Gardiner

Singer, songwriter and pianist

Gabz Gardiner – Britain’s Got Talent


Gabz Gardiner, THE Britain’s Got Talent singer, song writer and pianist.

Although Gabz made it to the BGT finals, she didn’t win. Gabz will continue to work on new songs.

Gabz is 14 years old, and first appeared on BGT on 26th May 2013. Gabz received 4 yes’ and has been put through to semi finals.

Gabz has officially released ‘The One’, also known as ‘Lighters’, on iTunes.

You can also check out Isaac Waddington’s website Isaac Waddington Singer BGT.

Isaac Waddington

Tuesday 28th May 2013 10pm

Gabz BGT final

Sunday 26th May 2013

Gabz Gardiner The One

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  1. I was blown away by her performance, what a talent. Writing songs at her age is incredible and I believe she will become a super star even if she doesn’t win BGT. I loved her voice and everything about her as soon as she starting playing the piano. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!

  2. Oh my God, she is so good!!!!!!!!!! Talent, I am a few years younger than her and have been inspired! I wish I knew her!!!

  3. What a fantastic song! My wife and I absolutely love it, when will it be available to buy?

  4. hi i like Gabz i just want to know if she has face book.xx great singerx

  5. Absolutely amazing! She should be really proud of herself! Such a great song, can’t wait to hear the rest!

  6. hi i just want to know has Gabz got fb xx great sining Gabzx.xx

  7. Impressed by her. She’s only a year older than me but has a lot of talent. She’s beautiful too – a great bonus. I love her unique style. She’s an inspiration to a lot of people x

  8. Well done for getting into the final- I want you to win! Think you’re amazingly talented and can’t get your song out of my head. Really want to download it now!
    Can’t wait to hear your other songs, and I think you’re going to be an amazing artist. Ill be downloading your songs!!

  9. I love Gabz! She is 2 years older than me, but she has inspired me not to sing but to write more books. Pretty weird, right? I love her style! She is really pretty! I just want Gabz to win so much! I want to get to know her because I know we may get along. Everyone vote fro Gabz, she is amazing!!!

  10. Hi i love this song cant wait for it to come out as a single, also cant wait to hear her other songs … keep it up you are amazing

    • gabz is a ready made super star i wish her all the best she deserves for her dreams to come true shes such a talented little popstar .she has millions of fans that are going to be behind her all the way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

  11. Love you so much <3.. Idol

  12. omg the song is so amazing at the start i cried straight away it reminded me about two people who i loved to pieces and i lost both in one year which was last year one on the 2nd of July and 16th of December i loved them to pieces and i think about them every day of my life and when i heard this song it reminded me about them but it also brought back to good memories back to xx

    i home u win gabz i will vote for u all the way
    good luck

  13. Do you have FB<3

  14. Howdy! I just wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the great information you have right here on this post. I will likely be coming back to your weblog for more soon.

  15. hi Gabz cant get enough of your song, i was gob smacked and slightly teary eyed, hope you win! cant wait to hear more of what you have wrote.

  16. Great song i can not stop singing it!!!

  17. You are amazing! By far the best. You must win <3

  18. Gabz,
    I love your song so much and have watched the youtube videos of both your performances many times. I am eleven and I also love singing and songwriting but I could not write a song as amazing as yours! I hope it goes on iTunes because I really want to download it onto my iPod. Also I have an A cappella group audition in a few weeks and i think I might sing the one! I hope you win BGT and become a really famous singer!
    Your biggest fan ,

  19. I didn’t buy any of our American Idol singles from the season that just wrapped up, but I want to buy Gabz’ single. I know it is going to be a number 1 hit. It’s that good. She is an amazing young artist.

  20. wow she was amazing i’ve wacthed her sign it 10 times

  21. sorry its sing

  22. Hey babe we go to school together!! I’m so proud of you! Love ya xxxxx

  23. Lisern to her music before match footy love it xxxx

  24. If you win or not, you must release your EPs on itunes or soundcloud!!!! You have a talent and your voice is awesome. If possible you have to track down Ed Sheeran and do a colab 😉 Singer, songwriter, pianist and rocker of the onesie!!!

  25. Fantastic performance. Win or not I hope you go on to great things. Keep grounded and keep writing great music.

  26. I love you gabzyou have done realywell for your self get in there babe!!!!! Xxxxx

  27. As a retired DJ I loved your music, your performance, keep that lovely smile and you’ll make it no doubt in my mind; I’d certainly play your music. xx

  28. cool song. luv u gabz

  29. she is so good i hope she wins she should nobody else she is the ‘BEST ‘ person ever to go on britains got talent

  30. Oh My God. She is soooooooo pretty! Do you have a BF <3 <3 <3

  31. Looking for when gabz will be releasing her rocking tunes

  32. Where can we download the songs this girl sings
    I think she’s amazing we’ll done girl xxxx

  33. Heyy Gabz, awesome singing on BGT! Hope you make it big you deserve it, you can only go onwards and upwards from here. Don’t let anyone stop you or tell you, you can’t because you can. Wish i was as talented as you! 🙂 Quinn x

  34. gabz you should of won you are amazing, you have inspired so many teenagers like me and i love you, you deserve to get a record contract, dont let anyone put you down, lucy x

  35. To be realistic, no, she’s not good at writing songs actually the song is bad and her voice, well its not that great either. U might think that I’m being harsh cuz she’s 14 and she wrote a song by herself! And for me, I admit she’s better than me but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s good.

    • Actually mysterious, she is so much better than you! Gabz is amazing! She wrote that song, and it’s famous. I always hear it on the radio and sing along. She is brilliant! You are so wrong!

  36. Awesome pop star! Please keep me updated with all your latest songs etc.

    Would like to listen to it on Youtube.

    Email me.


  37. You are a power girl, stay who you are.
    Love your songs and the way you sing and perform.

    a fan from Holland.

  38. YOU ARE AWSOME THE MOST INCREDIBLE SINGER I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make more singles and BE A STAR PLEASE! Try going on BGT in 2014 to try and win 1/2 £1,000000.

  39. exelent performounse

    any more songs lol

  40. You are actually amazing!!

  41. You are by far the most talented 14 year old song writer I have ever hear about, You Rock!!!

  42. Bloody marvelous !

  43. I want “The One” Where csn I get it ?

  44. I absolutely love gabz I know her briefly as went to a club with her and another girl at easter but used to go to my school and was at our summer fair today love u gabz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  45. wow mayn your good!!!!!!
    keep going and you will get reallly famous just brong more song ht gabz “amazing”

  46. Hi Gabz! You are amazing! I wanted you to win BGT so much! BTW, is your real name Gabz or is it just a nickname?

    Love Alice

  47. Hiya Gabz! You are amazing! Great singing on BGT! Well done! I really wanted you to win. I did vote! By the way, my real name is Alice, but I just like the name Kaprii-Alicee.

    Email me back soon please!!!


  48. Hi gabz I ♥ u!, I can’t believe you actually followed me on twitter (@matthewnixon999) and I was so shocked. I ♡ lighters the one and just lie there & I really want to hear more of your music!.
    Love ya!


  49. gabs is the best-est singer eva and she is a really good writer

  50. i love you

  51. l love u so so much

  52. Your song is addictive. Put your lighters in the air if you ever felt scared cos youve lost the one who wasnt the one 😉

  53. OMG gabz you are AMAZING, I was rooting you all the way and when i found out you didnt win, i through a tantrum in my living room!It took hours to calm down!

  54. gabz i love you im only 8 but get back to me cliona

  55. i love her song i think it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good it gives me the chillez some times

  56. i love this song but my mates say she looks like a bot but she does not i bet she has got a boyfriend i love her and the song so shut the fuc…..k up

  57. Gabz u r amazing I follow u on Instagram ur voice is truly Magnificat u

  58. I too sing your songs from time to time and can’t get them out of my head.

  59. omd gabz i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my mum said i looked like u cos i put on my onesie and my snapback and i looked so cool xx

  60. U have inspired me. and i wanna go on bgt. be proud be u. ur great and continue doin wat u luv x

  61. Hai Gabz
    Your songs are epic and I know you like Lucy Spraggan and I do too! So just wanted to say, you have awesome onsies and I am forever listening to your songs:D

  62. all these haters be like they’ve heard better shut tfu b*****es

  63. Gabz
    Hi, you are really amazing talented young one I have ever seen. you are so cute and I love your songs I always listening to those beautiful songs.I wish you all the best

  64. Gabz you are amazing singer I really I am insperd by you

  65. Could you help me with stage fright please gabz

  66. Your so EPIC Gabz!!! I love you!
    Okay, that was random, but your sooooooooooo cool !

  67. We came to see you as we usually do today!!! we think you are so brilliant.
    We love your new song , you were great today .
    Lots of Bettsie and Erin we
    We love you so so so so much!

  68. hi you are so good

  69. Hi Gabz, great to see you at the Albert hall today. Sorry I hid up my dads t shirt !!!!

  70. OH Gabz…you are so infectious…it’s your smile. You have a special gift that lifts the spirit of those that listen to your music. You truly radiate beauty from within. I can’t wait for you to come to America.
    Jerry Madison
    Los Angeles

  71. You’re a mess. Fix yourself.

  72. That was so awesome I can’t get that song out of my head

  73. i think gabz is amazing and she deserved to win even though she didnt

  74. Your amazing Gabz when I first listened to your song I was blown away with the lyrics and when you started rapping at the piano that was just amazing hopefully one day I can meet you

  75. It’s a shame, I really love her music, but I live all the way in Rochdale 🙁

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